Shou sugi ban is a Japanese tradition of burning wood siding that dates back thousands of years. This method was done because the Japanese discovered that a heavily charred board used for siding was much more resistant to rot and insects, as well as far less likely to ignite when exposed to sparks or flames. The shou sugi ban method was vital in reducing fires but is now primarily used for its aesthetics and better performance in exterior applications.

Delta Millworks began producing shou sugi ban in 2008 and has worked extensively to refine our methods and knowledge of the process. Today we offer dozens of variations of the product and have the capacity to produce large quantities with consistency. Our standards in quality are reinforced by the fact that we oversee every step in the production of the product. Once our wood is sourced and delivered to our mill in Austin, Texas, we custom mill, burn and finish the product by hand all under the same roof, insuring that we deliver the exact specifications of the customer.

We work with architects, designers, builders and home owners, offering design ideas and providing options of our various finishes and siding profiles. We primarily use Southern Cypress for our shou sugi ban products but can provide several other species such as Redwood, Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine. Our knowledge of the shou-sugi-ban process is simply unmatched. See our article in the WSJ for more information.