Recycled Content

Mid-market is not about designing down to meet a lower price point. For us, it’s always about designing up from a trusted starting point for design to a value price point.

We are about building a culture that invites architects, designers, facilities managers and end users to become a part of our brand community. A community where the importance of good design leads the conversation and is followed very closely by value. In other words, our customer is always invited to discover (and be surprised by) inspiring design at affordable prices.

Our carpet graces the floors of world renowned law firms, elementary schools, multimedia ad agencies, international airports, corporate headquarters, senior living facilities and towering office towers.

Each is specifically designed to work for the people working and living on top of them. All are custom specified. Some are one of a kind. And every single surface is chosen from among hundreds of styles in more than 50 collections, imagined and engineered by a select team of talented designers.

No matter what the nature of your project, you’ll find the quantity of Patcraft selection surpasses anything you’ve seen before at unbelievable price points. But the quality is limited to superb.

Lovely experiences for architects and designers. Seamless ones for dealers. Rewarding ones for tenant improvement. Painless ones for property managers. And life affirming ones for end users.

Customer satisfaction is what we make in our factories. By connecting big scale and small scale. By coordinating patterns and colors. By engineering environmental solutions. By providing value and service. By putting and keeping you constantly in mind at the red-hot center of our story.

Patcraft makes something that goes much deeper than carpet.