PriMus + Free UPP

Bills of Quantities, Price Lists, and Rate Analysis


PriMus garantees integrated management of Price Books, Bills of Quantities and Rate Analysis. The program has specific features to address any kind of Estimating or Quantity surveying issue and is easier and more effective than any other generic spreadsheet software. With PriMus:

  • Import Price Lists from Excel or Word
  • Open Price Lists and Price Books even from the internet
  • Insert simple measurements or formulas
  • Acquire measurements directly from your drawings
  • Insert images and graphical notes for each measurement row
  • Structure your Bill of Quantities and Price List document in Categories
  • Print as you prefer
  • Export in standard formats
  • You have your Bill of Quantities, Price Lists, Rate Analysis… all updated simultaneously
  • Export your PDFs to the PDF-FolderMaker freeware on your iPad

PriMus guarantees maximum freedom: you can install the software on as many PCs as you like and collaborate with anyone… everyone can have the software for FREE thanks to Free UPP. Other solutions are also available in Free UPP mode with further features for work scheduling and construction cost management. To get a detailed overview of the complete range of features that the program offers, you can access the Video Tutorial straight away.

Program Interface

PriMus has a very functional and user-friendly interface and is appreciated by over 100.000 users worldwide. Work on screen just as you would on a piece of paper, open more documents together, acquire and copy data with a simple Drag and Drop.

A champion of simplicity and incredibly intuitive, PriMus is the ideal tool to learn how to use with great everyday naturalness.

Bills of Quantities on the iPad

PriMus for iPad is the Free Bills of Quantities and Estimating App developed for the iPad. With this App you can prepare your Bill of Quantities while you acquire your measurements or simply continue to work on other documents and projects while out of the office. Exchange data between your iPad and PC using iTunes. Bills of Quantities documents can be managed from your PC with the more advanced PriMus features or printed (only in this case you pay a small fee using the Free UPP system).

PriMus for iPad can be downloaded from the App Store for FREE.

With PriMus and PriMus for iPad you are more professional, efficient and Free… anywhere!   Highly professional Architectural BIM design and Bills of Quantities software to use for free? Free UPP is here. A new way to distribute professional software for the Engineering and Architectural industries.

Free UPP

Highly professional Architectural BIM design software to use for free? Free UPP is here. A new way to distribute professional software for the Engineering and Architectural industries.

Free UPP (Free Use Pay Print) is born: a revolutionary way to distribute professional Architectural, Engineering and Bill of Quantities/Estimating software. With Free UPP software, use, program updates, training and support are completely free. The customer pays only when needing to print (a very convenient cost for each A4 sheet), and with no expiry date. The first 500 prints are free.

The customer has a free license to use the full-featured version of the software for architectural BIM design and Bills of Quantities/Estimating. Programs with very advanced 2D/3D design features to produce floor plans, cross sections, elevation views, isometric views, perspective views, renderings, photo match simulations, bills of quantities, etc… Free UPP software solutions are complete and professional and can easily be compared to other software such as Revit, All Plan, ArchiCAD or VectorWorks.

With Free UPP software you can collaborate with anyone, because everyone can use the same software for free.

You can also install the software on as many computers as you like free of charge.

Free UPP is proposed by ACCA software, a company with over 200,000 program users and is one of the most important international manufacturers in the industry.

Free UPP is a new way of thinking of professional software for the Engineering and Architectural industries combining convenience, simplicity and professionalism in a revolutionary way.