PriMus-K is the software for creating a works time schedule including the analysis of timing, costs and resource requirements.
The software allows you to manage:

  • the design stage with GANTT charts, financial diagrams and resource reports;
  • the build stage with the execution GANTT chart, reports together with cost and timing variation diagrams.

The time schedule can be subdivided into activities and work sections (activity groups). You can import activities from other PriMus-K time schedules or from PriMus bills of quantities (Free UPP BoQ software) with simple drag and drop actions. The time schedule can be generated by importing a PriMus bill of quantities document to automatically obtain: general data, activities (with unit rates, quantities and amounts) and work sections.
PriMus-K allows you to:

  • manage the project’s financial plan: monitor anticipations, payments and amounts;
  • manage timing, quantities and productivity for each work section period (GANTT task);
  • manage activity analysis (resources, quantities, costs…);
  • calculate durations or activity quantities from the availability of resources;
  • calculate activity requirements (materials, labour, hired equipment, etc.) by periods;
  • manage both the design and works execution stages time schedules;
  • compare the works execution and design stages time schedules to highlight variations;
  • print: the design and works execution stages time schedules, the task table, dates and amounts table;
  • generate the time schedule report;
  • organize data, print or export to HTML, Text or Excel formats.

To get a detailed overview of the complete range of features that the software offers, access the Video Tutorial straight away.