Precious Metals – Splinter of Glass

Walls and worlds…

Individual Creation ®, a creative coating


Are you one of those who play with space? Do you imagine walls as windows on new worlds? Do you dream of matching the opposites of matter?

Individual Creation ® was created to push around the present and offer you the opportunity to go at the end of your ambitions.

The first decorative coatings, shown in our catalogue are the result of a proven process that allows, for the first time, to apply finely ground material on a wall, in an extremely simple and homogeneous way. You select the material (glass, slate, granite…) and are familiar with shapes, colours and light.

This is our primary business. We work the material itself, to make it receptive to your creative projects. Thus, our coatings can be combined, according to your will, to meet your ideas and your demand.

Lining your walls with precious metal, with sterling silver. It is now possible. Time of decorative coating is over. Individual Creation ® invites you into the era of creative coating. Matter is no longer opposed to form. It nourrishes it and gives it life.

Consisting of 90% water, our coatings are odourless, and respectful of your environment. So you will find recycled products in our catalogue, such as photovoltaic panels.

Designers! Do no longer hesitate! Leave your own mark on the matter itself with your artistic identity! Individual Creation ® is with you!