Potato Cork®

Potato Cork® is a completely bio-based material, made from a vegetable residue: potato peelings. The peelings are hygienised and, depending on the application, pressed and dried.
The main ingredients of Potato Cork® are lignin, cellulose, hemicelluloses and protein. These parts together represent more than 75% of dry matter in dried potato cork. In total the product contains approximately 95% dry matter. Potato Cork® has a low specific weight, is fire resistant, isolating and water repellent, and has a high tensile strength. In addition the product is sustainable and has a natural look.
Potato Cork® is both a product with direct application as well as a raw material for Bio-construct® . In direct application the product is used as cover material in the pot- and container plant industry and in public parks. Under the name Bio-Top Crustell markets the covering material that prevents weeds and moss. In indirect application, Potato Cork® is used as feedstock for the production of bio-construct. In this application Potato Cork® has extensive applications. It can be used in building materials, housing and various design applications as well as in several consumer goods (non food). Potato Cork® can be processed under various forms.