Modular walk-in closets.

The ideal walk-in closet = morning shopping in your favourite fashion boutique.

DRESS WALL is a custom-made walk-in closet system. The floating modular structure can fitted on the wall, between floor and ceiling, or free standing. The beautiful and functional illumination (optional) creates a particularly attractive boutique feel in your walk-in wardrobe.

The layout of the open wardrobe system is easy to adapt. The floating shelves and drawers are finished off with a low-maintenance top layer in 3mm Resopal Massiv. There is choice of 35 different finishes.
The main advantages of the walk-in wardrobe system by DRESSAWAY:

  • An affordable and modular concept.
  • High-tech, scratch-resistant and low-maintenance materials.
  • Flexible design and expansion possibilities.
  • Invisibly integrated LED lighting (both functional and mood lighting)
  • Optional finish on back panel with stained glass, mirror or Resopal Massiv (full core HPL)