Modern interior doors


Anyway Doors interior doors.

‘Wait a minute, these are no ordinary interior doors … ‘ is a frequently heard remark about the products of Anyway Doors. Not surprising, actually. Since 1995, this visionary door manufacturer has studied all the characteristics that have anything to do with the ‘interior door’ concept.

Attention focuses primarily on qualitative maintenance-free materials such as matt anodised aluminium, Reposal Massiv 3mm HPL, glass and stainless steel. Also on discreetly integrated ventilation to promote a healthy living environment. On draft prevention. On thermal and acoustic shielding. On privacy.

From a purely technical perspective, Anyway is proud of the fact that all closing, turning and mounting mechanisms are hidden from view. The integrated concealed hinges provide a perfectly clean line that is to be admired along both sides of your doorway.

Honestly, what do you use most in your home?

Builders often think of interior doors an uninteresting. A necessary evil that few would lose sleep over. Windows, bathroom tiles, a front door … are way more important in their eyes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once you move into a new house, interior doors will become the lifelong interior element that is used the most. Moreover, in terms of size interior doors cover a fair percentage of your total wall surface area. They feature so prominently that they can even make or break the atmosphere of an interior. A fact to reflect on.

Building or renovating = THINK DOORS!

Building involves making plans. Literally and figuratively. All the more reason, when you do a first sketch, to wonder how to divide the living areas of your property and how interior doors can provide added value. How do you create peace and unity and how does one space flow into another? Should doors provide transparency or not?

Whoever thinks doorways, thinks Anyway!


Interior doors with concealed hinges and adjustable swing direction…

The concealed hinges can be fitted on the left side as well as on the right side of the framework. The swing direction can be set as desired, to open one way, or both ways. The system is fully modular, which means it remains adaptable in the future. The concealed hinges are hidden behind a special profile so nothing is visible, not even with a fully opened door!

As a standard, Anyway interior doors open both directions. On request the door can be made to open one-way by adding a hard insert instead of a soft one that will limit the door to one specific direction. Visually, there is no difference with the two-way version.

Hands-free system…

Anyway innovative locking technology has been patented internationally. The convex (♂) and concave (♀) form of the fittings match the buffer edge and the doorframe seamlessly. This ensures perfect closing and positioning of the door without mechanical aids such as latch locks, day locks, magnetic locks or turning locks, handles, etc.
This makes it a hands-free system: just push or pull.

Integrated finger crush protection …

Thanks to a unique connection between the door leaf and doorframe (patented in the EU and US), all Anyway interior doors have a finger crush protection system for children on the hinge side.

Doors with an invisible doorframe.

Doors with invisible doorframes are now the in thing, but Anyway Doors has offered them since 1998. The Belgian brand may therefore rightly call itself a true pioneer in the field of doors with invisible frames. A recessed frame requires the necessary preparations so that the system can be installed correctly. A tried and tested centrally positioned system with a correct and stable mounting guarantees a beautiful finish without faults or cracks in the future!

Block doors with an aluminium block frame.

Anyway’s block doors have an anodised aluminium profile which is placed centrally in the doorway. The door openings should be finished off by your tiler or plasterer as if nothing is to be placed in it. Simply have them finished off beautifully with edge protectors or Drywall. This frame provides a visually frameless effect and is the cheapest solution at Anyway.

Pivoting hinges without floor springs or fixtures in the floor.

The invisible pivoting hinges are mounted on the floor surface using a compact stainless steel part, with no floor spring or built-in fixtures. The minimum floor anchoring (2 bolts +-4cm deep) allows for installation on any type of floor. During the development process, a great deal of attention was paid to installation and user-friendliness so that the pivoting door could be used in new builds as well as renovations regardless of the floor construction! The invisible hinges are fully integrated into the door leaf so virtually nothing is visible on the floor.

Draft free and soundproof glass doors …

Anyway glass doors close completely all the way round, except for the 10mm gap between the Securit glass leaf and the floor. The glass leaf edge forms the male (convex) part; the fittings in the doorframe form the female (concave) part. This guarantees a perfect seal and positioning, even in swinging doors. A unique benefit, adding acoustic and thermal value in particular.

6th innovative product generation features.

  • Invisible hinges with integrated convenience closing (without floor attachments)
  • New completely built-in concealed pivoting hinges without floor springs or fixtures that needs integration. ( For large door panels eccentric or central pivoting )
  • Renewed door leaf with 3mm full core HPL
  • New aluminium-coloured closing mechanism
  • Profiles with matt natural silver anodised finish or matt black anodised finish.
  • New built-in handles for a handle-free design
  • Built-in invisible ventilation (10mm)