Lucid Building Dashboard Kiosk

Building Dashboard® Kiosk™ enables occupants, visitors and the public to view energy and water use information on touch screen displays. Comparative graphs, glowing orbs and other exciting visualizations make it easy to understand the performance of buildings and organizations. A variety of modules — including competitions, green features, events and more — make Building Dashboard Kiosk a feature-rich, visibility-enhancing solution for monitored buildings.

View real-time energy and water use information on publicly-accessible, touch-enabled displays. Compare the performance of many buildings, all on the same screen. Express consumption in intuitive, everyday units.

Show breakdowns by floor or end use, track the status of participants in real-time energy reduction competitions, check weather forecasts and browse calendars of events with a variety of add-on Modules.

Explore photo galleries of LEED® or green building features, animated data-enabled illustrations of renewable energy and water systems, and green tips for resource conservation.