Kirei USA: Kirei Board

Kirei Board is a strong, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly substitute for wood – usable in furniture, cabinetry, casework, and interior design elements. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design.

Environmental Benefits
Kirei Board reduces forest clear-cutting, air pollution and landfill use. The sorghum stalks used in the manufacture of Kirei Board are a rapidly renewable resource left after the edible portion of the plant is harvested.

Reduced Waste
Until now, these stalks have been discarded or burned, adding to landfill waste and pollution. Kirei Board helps reduce this waste and ease deforestation by substituting for wood.

Zero VOC
In addition, Kirei Board is made using a non-toxic adhesive that does not emit toxic formaldehyde. Kirei Board can be an excellent way to help your projects qualify for LEED credit for environmentally friendly construction.

Kirei Board Adhesive
KIREI Board is manufactured using KR Bond, a water-based polymer-isocyanate adhesive. Formaldehyde- free KR Bond does not contribute harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to the indoor atmosphere. Testing according to Japanese Government standard JIS A.