Kirei USA: Coco

Kirei Coco Tiles are modern interiors gone tropical! Made from reclaimed coconut shells, low-VOC resins and sustainably harvested wood backer, our newest family of eco-friendly design materials can used as decorative tiles or panels both horizontally and vertically. Featuring  multiple patterns and color combinations and availably in light, dark, and mixed textures.

Reduced Waste
Kirei Coco Tiles remove discarded coconut shells from the waste stream. The coconuts are harvested for their edible portions, leaving behind the shell. Until now, these shells have been burned or thrown away adding to landfill waste of air pollution. Kirei Coco tiles remove these shells from the waste stream and create a unique decorative material.

FSC-Certified Backer
Kirei Coco Tile backer material is made using FSC-Certified plywood from sustainably managed forests.

Resins and Adhesives
Only low- or zero VOC glues and resins are used in the construction of Kirei coco Tiles, helping to lessen harmful pollutants in our ambient atmosphere.