Indoor Air Quality

Carnegie’s latest Xorel introduction offers never ending vertical stripes that flow smoothly and softly. Inspired by menswear shirting fabrics, the look is simple and refined. The multicolored warp onstruction functions like a plain. It is understated but has enough shift to capture and captivate. Slide punctuates and accessorizes the Xorel solids and textures.

Where We Stand
In the 21st century, making the right decisions for the environment is the new integrity in business.  We believe that even one company can make a difference.  Leading by example we hope others will think critically about the materials we design and use.

As a designer you want to make the best decisions possible for creating healthy interior environments.  We help you by constantly searching for the latest environmentally sound materials each and every day.  While we understand the latest certifications and codes, we believe there is a great deal more to know and discover.  When sourcing new developments, we ask ourselves the hard questions and seek honest answers.  We use elements of sound reasoning, logic and common sense to help drive our research.