New Capability combines 3form Varia + High Resolution Digital Imagery Creating Limitless Interior Design Options .

Create bold, photorealistic designs on single or multiple panels, using 3form Varia Ecoresin® – 40 times the impact strength of glass and customizable with 40% pre-consumer recycled content.

Based on the HighRes technology, a stunning collection has been developed ; “Perspectives” introduces the wild into a structured space with twigs, branches, fibers, metals and yarns. Crisp panoramas and seamless panel-to-panel registration, Perspectives photorealistic designs add stunning accents throughout a space.

3form HighRes imagery allows you to infuse a very specific design touch into any interior space. Explore the power of crisp digital images encapsulated in Varia Ecoresin by selecting from the “Persepectives” collection or use your own custom images.