greenscreen®: Wall Mounted

The greenscreen® trellis panel system is modular in nature and in wall mounting applications the panels can easily cover large surfaces without structural trims. This gives the designer the ability to align panels for visual continuity and also use the structural panel characteristics to span between mounting areas or between floors without added steel reinforcement. Panel trims can be added when necessary for closure such as in a pedestrian area, for panel shapes such as curves or angles, or to provide design emphasis.
greenscreen® panels are designed to mount off of the wall surface. Our complete line of clip assemblies can mount panels from 5/8” to 18” off the building membrane. Custom mounting attachments are available when special conditions may demand. Attachment locations are generally within the panel field, and a guideline is available on our website as Mounting Options. Mounting trellis panels off of the surface allows for air circulation and keeps plant material from attaching to the building. The three dimensional quality of the panel opens up the plant selection palette by providing structure for plants such as runners and scramblers, in addition to those plants that utilize twining and hooking mechanisms. A suggested plant list by growing region is available on our website.