The latest addition to Fox Fire’s glass techniques is a 3-dimensional metal veneered surface. Combining the sustainability of glass with the durability of genuine metal, Fox Fire has brought a truly unique product to the architectural market.

This innovative technique is exceptionally visual and remarkably tactile. Molten metal seems to be cast into the surface of the glass. Glass panels embossed with metal veneers highlight designs that are natural and organic, or graphic and linear.

Glass in and of itself is an enduring material, as is metal. The combination of the two produces a timeless, artistic result that will not fade, yellow, crack, or peel. The addition of laminates to the glass creates a safety product and provides a broad selection of color. The metal finishes are available in copper, bronze, iron, steel, and aluminum. As they are genuine metal, they patina like metal and can be finished to your specification.

Fox Fire’s founder, Laurel Fyfe, stands out as one of the most innovative glass artists of our time. Holding patents on her works, not only for design but also for the process to achieve the designs, she is a leader in her industry.

Laurel’s energy is devoted to working with glass in recognizing its beauty, multidimensional qualities and allowing the materials to dictate design. The evolution of her work is to allow the glass to free itself into its natural liquid state, directing its flow, and then freezing that shape.