Teak is the queen among all tropical hardwoods. Its natural oils, golden colour and velvet surface make it one of the world‘s most desired luxury woods.

This grand hardwood has been mentioned in legends and myths for centuries. In buddhism teak has been used for temples as it creates a direct path to nirvana. On the Titanic teak has been used for the deck as a symbol of luxury. For us at BioMaderas however, teak is simply the best wood for outside.

Therefore, we bring this high quality and FSC-certified teak lumber for wooden terraces to Europe. Its long durability, excellent ability to withstand weather and warping fulfil highest quality standards. Further explore this unique product, the wood and its ecological origin.

The product

The outstanding characteristics of a wooden terrace with BioMaderas-Teak are the velvet surface, excellent stability and the warm and golden colour shade. A high amount of natural oils and caoutchouc (Natural rubber) make the wood wonderful soft and smooth. Its stability is a natural advantage of this specie and its further supported by gentle kiln drying. Especially when compared to other hardwoods, teak does not warp when subjected to variations in humidity and temperature.

*teak-decking boards*measures:22x90x1200-2700mm (4-9ft)*
*from FSC-certified forestry (FSC-100%)*kiln dried*
*heartwood of surface at least 95%* resistance class 1-2*
*wax-sealed edges*also available for endless laying (tongue and groove)*
*quality class First & Select* best choice for wood according to WWF wood guide*

The wood

Teak is one of the best known and most desired hardwoods worldwide. The excellent reputation derives from its durability, high amount of oil and caoutchouc (Natural rubber), dimensional stability, firmness and its highly attractive golden-brown colour.

Originally, teak comes from India, Burma and Indonesia. Over-exploitation and illegal logging led to almost extinct tropical teak resources. BioMaderas-Teak is from one of the oldest teak plantations worldwide in Latin America.

A teak tree in tropical forests can reach a height of 40 – 45m and diameter of 1.8 – 2.4m. Teak trees usually get harvested between 25 – 40 years after implantation.

The origin

The wood for the BioMaderas teak decking boards are gained from mixed forest plantations Latin America. These trees exclusively grow on areas which have been used for agricultural purposes beforehand. The distinctive primary forest remains undisturbed and reforestation is further supported.

Plantations and processing for BioMaderas teak decking boards all work according to strict FSC-standards. We waive the usage of pesticides and protect the natural balance of the soil by wide organic areas which remain untouched by humans. It creates a diverse biosphere where animals and plants live together under the leaves of the teak trees. All workers are state-insured and get a fair wage as well as patient care for them and their families.