Energy Efficient Lighting

The breakthrough of LED technology currently being experienced in architectural lighting is probably the biggest development in lighting technology for decades. ERCO plays a leading role in implementing these advances with practical LED lighting tools. The new technology opens up possibilities for realising efficient visual comfort to a previously unattainable level.

The breakthrough of LEDs to become an important light source has caused the focus in lighting technology to shift towards the combination of optical and electronic elements, i.e. to optoelectronics. ERCO´s competence in design and production in this field is extensive. In order to create innovative products to reach the goal of efficient visual comfort, technologies and processes are continuously being developed throughout the LED´s value-adding chain. Optoelectronic competence means mastering all the new challenges with excellence: from electronic component heat management to the development of efficient optical systems and from optimising control gear and digital interfaces to developing the corresponding tools in the control software.