Driftwood Mosaic

Although the world supply of true old-growth teak has dwindled to few legal logging sites in South-East Asia, we have identified an artisan manufacturer that reclaims teak from decommissioned boats in China. Our Driftwood mosaics are made from this authentic wood that is more than a century old, and bear the character of decades of use in coastal fishing vessels.

Driftwood mosaics are presented in three handcrafted finishes. The Planed finish reveals the finest subtleties of striation and hue and releases the deepest colors. Natural is produced by a light honing that yields a comfortable balance of texture and color. Rustic reveals the stunning individual character of each piece, a story told by weathered grain and true antique patina.

Soothing and inviting, Driftwood makes a warm, original statement to any environment, including bedrooms, bath and spa areas, kitchens, fireplace surrounds, wine cellars, and den floors.