The universal appeal of denim is always on trend, no matter the year or decade. Denim is easy to live with, design with and care for. Now the most beloved fashion style is available as an authentic, one-of-a-kind surfacing material. Denim, by TorZo Surfaces, offers outstanding performance and longevity through the exclusive TorZo Surfaces acrylic infusion process.

From vintage-inspired boy fits, to skinny jeans and distressed overalls, a base construction of 80 percent post-industrial recycled denim fabric scraps is infused with a nontoxic acrylic resin. Penetrating completely through the raw denim board, the infusion results in a panel that is extremely hard and durable, with outstanding resistance to abrasion and scratching.

Designed with both vertical and horizontal interior applications in mind, the 2’ x 4’ x ½” thick panel is ideal for wall paneling, tabletops, furniture, store fixtures and creative horizontal surfaces in commercial, retail, residential and hospitality spaces. Denim is offered in its natural blue jean indigo hue, Denim panels vary in color and appearance.

Denim is offered in two surface treatments: one is finished without filling surface voids, providing a more rustic, textured appearance, and the other is filled and sanded, which eliminates the majority of the surface voids (perfect for horizontal applications). Standard lamination to an FSC certified Baltic Birch backer provides additional integrity and dimensional strength to the panel. As with all TorZo products, Denim is NAUF, and can contribute to LEED certification in several categories.