Cellbond: HyImpact Energy Absorber

Material range

  • Various honeycomb core/cell sizes and alloys
  • Different foams applicable


Occupant protection:

  • Roof lining
  • A, B and C pillars
  • Dashboards
  • Foot and lower leg protection
  • Others

HyImpact energy absorber is designed as a first class energy absorbing structure consisting of aluminium honeycomb covered in PU foam. It was jointly developed between Cellbond and BMW.

It was introduced as a C-pillar energy absorbing structure, but it can also be used in various occupant protection applications. Crush strength and shape can be designed to meet customers and legal requirements.


The foam used in HyImpact is an organic polyurethane material, which has been engineered to have a minimal density. This ensures that the foam does not modify the mechanical properties of the honeycomb in a significant way. Upon introduction into the honeycomb structure, the foam expands to fill each of the cells. The cells are fully filled by the foam and the excess saturates the fibrous cloth coverings thus protecting the foil edges, and providing a good surface for fixation in the vehicle.


  • Low HIC value
  • Predictable crush characteristics
  • Reproducible crush mechanism
  • Temperature stability
  • Sound absorbing
  • Design versatility

Our Service At glance

We supply engineering and manufacturing services including injection moulding and toolmaking. Further services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Simulation (FE modelling)
  • Full-scale serial production