Aluminum Breeze Panel

Zola Windows continues its commitment to ultra-modern design and European artisanal quality with the introduction of the new Zola Aluminum Breeze Panel. A lightweight, flexible and corrosion-resistant industry leading folding wall system, that offers some of the most expansive folding glass panels on the market, and unsurpassed thermal performance in this size class.


Zola Aluminum Breeze Panel is created for building openings as wide as 32 feet; each folding panel can be as large as 4’ wide and 10’ high, delivering tremendous flexibility and dramatic dimension to large-scale openings. Four different tracks are available and engineered to provide maximum support and incredibly smooth movement, from completely flush and embedded to a small step, depending on the performance required. Multi-point locks provide superior sealing capabilities and increased security.


Meeting the rigorous energy requirements of Net-Zero and other ultra energy efficient buildings, the new panels are available in ultra high performance R-11 triple glazing, with a visible transmittance (VT) of 73% (standard American glass features VT of about 45%). This European glass is low iron, which provides unmatched clarity. Airtightness will vary depending on the threshold option selected, but can be as high as a European Class 4 Rating, the highest rating available.


This pioneering new product gives architects, builders and homeowners the choice of implementing significantly more expansive glass areas into their folding walls. With the larger panel option of up to 40 square feet per panel, Zola’s Aluminum Breeze Panel can be made with proportionally fewer vertical dividers, exposing more glass, which means the unit looks as elegant closed as when it is open.