Commercial Bike Racks

Reliance Foundry’s bike racks are designed in stylish fashions to complement modern architectural motifs. Their innovative designs provide an exceptional level of security and aesthetics that bring out the best in every streetscape. Models are available in both standard and stainless steel and reliance foundry offers them at prices that are among the most competitive [&hellip

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Flexible Bollards

Flexible bollards by Reliance foundry are composed of a proprietary composite plastic and will bend up to 90 degrees when struck by an errant vehicle. They are highly durable and after being stuck, they will return to their original form, usually showing no signs of damage. Their flexibility makes them ideal for lane delineation and [&hellip

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Bike Bollards

Part bicycle stand and part traffic guidance device, bike bollards are a multifaceted streetscape enhancement. They provide secure bike storage and they assist in traffic management. Reliance Foundry offers models in a wide variety of architectural styles and they can be installed to provide varying degrees of impact resistance. Many models are available that can [&hellip

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Solar-Powered Lighting Bollards

Reliance Foundry’s solar-powered lighting bollards feature an intelligent microprocessor that allows them to adapt to changing weather patterns. This intelligent functionality allows them to operate with a greater autonomy than most other solar lighting systems. They deliver light in an extremely efficient manner and can be pre-programmed to deliver light according to one of three [&hellip

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Decorative Iron Bollards

Reliance Foundry’s ductile iron bollards feature traditional designs that compliment refined architectural schemes. They can be installed in stand-alone applications or over security posts to increase their aesthetic value. Reliance Foundry offers over 40 standard models, all of which are kept in stock and are available for immediate shipment. All models are machine finished and [&hellip

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