Forms+Surfaces- Bike Garden™ Bike Rack

The Bike Garden™ is unlike any bike rack on the market. Just take a look and you’ll immediately know where it got its name. Inspired by organic forms, this rack offers a truly unique design and top-of the-line security. There is no limit to the amount of protection provided by the Bike Garden. Multiple locking [&hellip

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Orbit™ Litter & Recycling Receptacle

The stunning elliptical shape of Orbit Litter & Recycling Receptacles offers a wide array of design options. Stainless steel or Fused Metal® outer walls with High Durability finish options Hinged, solid cast aluminum lid for easy servicing Clear litter or recycling graphics in three standard colors Single-stream models with single 30 gallon polyethylene liners Split-stream [&hellip

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Inform™ Flight Information Displays

InForm Information Display Systems use a series of unique aluminum extrusions, high quality castings and other standard elements as building blocks for large public display systems that can incorporate multiple LCD monitors. Forms+Surfaces offers a series of standard assembly layouts; custom designs are also available to meet unique requirements. InForm’s modular approach allows individual units to be scaled [&hellip

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