Cellbond: HyImpact Energy Absorber

Material range Various honeycomb core/cell sizes and alloys Different foams applicable Applications Occupant protection: Roof lining A, B and C pillars Dashboards Foot and lower leg protection Others HyImpact energy absorber is designed as a first class energy absorbing structure consisting of aluminium honeycomb covered in PU foam. It was jointly developed between Cellbond and [&hellip

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Cellbond: Pressload Energy Absorber

PressLoad is a low cost component. It is particularly suitable for high volume mass production as it can be manufactured from a range of metals sheets (cold forming) or thermoplastic materials (thermoforming/injection moulding). The fundamental structure of the PressLoad principle, whether in its raw shape or sandwiched has also the advantage of having an open [&hellip

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