New Capability combines 3form Varia + High Resolution Digital Imagery Creating Limitless Interior Design Options . Create bold, photorealistic designs on single or multiple panels, using 3form Varia Ecoresin® – 40 times the impact strength of glass and customizable with 40% pre-consumer recycled content. Based on the HighRes technology, a stunning collection has been developed [&hellip

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FLUID dimensions inspired by the intriguing movement of water in a pool and the wrinkled, wintry surface of a frozen lake. Powerful and cool textures, simultaneously rough and smooth, Fluid Dimensions create a new level of design possibilities with a collection of bold and subtle design with rhythmic surface textures and enigmatic finishes. Create a [&hellip

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Varia Ecoresin

Varia Ecoresin translucent resin panels are as diverse as your imagination. By allowing you to custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer, and finish of your material, Varia Ecoresin transforms into the perfect medium for your translucent architectural application. Made standard from a minimum of 40% per-consumer recycled resin- Varia Ecoresin is perfect for any LEED [&hellip

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100 Percent

100 Percent is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. The material can be used for horizontal surfaces like tabletops and counters or for vertical partitions. It’s UV resistant and stands up to chemicals, so it can be used almost anywhere. It’s a fine example of upcycling

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3form: EcoResin Panels

Plastics company 3form manufactures and distributes Ecoresin panels, which come in nearly every imaginable color and texture and can be embedded with natural materials, high-resolution and screen-printed images, as well as laser-cut patterns in a razor-thin wood veneer interlayer.  “Better still, Ecoresin is environmentally sound, 40% recycled, meets LEED standards and is the sturdiest commercially available polyester [&hellip

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