Double glazing, no frame. Performance and transparency in one. The P700 is the development of the P600; a dividing wall system based on extruded aluminium sections, structural glass and adhesive polycarbonate joints. In contrast to the P600 series, this one uses double-glazed panels to improve acoustic insulation and mechanical resistance. Transparency and versatility are unchanged, [&hellip

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Pure R&D for a dividing wall: the P900 The new P900 screen was the result of a research and testing project carried out by FARAM on dividing walls. All aspects have been considered in order to make a complete, elegant and functional product that can be adapted to any situation. The system is based on [&hellip

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Simple glass walls Aluminium sections and a glass structure redefine dividing walls. The P600 wall is revolutionising the traditional concept of dividing walls. The P600 rejects the traditional inner structure of crossed bars with fixed panels; it is based on a support structure made from aluminium sections fixed to the floor and the ceiling with [&hellip

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Modular dividing wall. Steel structures and panels make for the most traditional separators between walls. The P450 wall is available in a series of standard modules that can be adapted to the requirements of any project. The basic module can be kitted out with doors, solid or glass panels as required, vertically or horizontally. Vertical [&hellip

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