Lama Concept Cell-Carpet LED

  CELL carpet designed by Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel is a rug which has not been produced in a traditional way. No loom, knitting machine or tufting technique is used, neither is printing. CELL carpet is made of industrial 100% pure new woolfelt which is after pressing cut into strings. Put together it will [&hellip

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Lama Concept: Furore

  Furore by Lama Concept from the Netherlands is inspired by stretch metal applied in architecture. The material evolving after the special cutting technique feels soft, light and very flexible. Furore is available in long- and short hairy fake-fur and in various colours. The fake fur is attached to felt which has the shape of [&hellip

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Lama Concept: Holoknit Textile

Holoknit is a 3 layered knitted fabric. The fabric has a very transparent black front layer, a monofilament white inlay and a coloured back layer. The inlay will choose his own path when the fabric is cut from the machine. When changing the pattern also the behaviour of the inlay will change. Holoknit textile: HK-2 [&hellip

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