This playful bench has been used in public areas of buildings ranging from shopping malls to government buildings. Wood is FSC Ash plywood made with earth friendly PVA adhesives. Standard range of water borne wood finishes and colors are available. Steel frame is powder coated; options are silver and black. Made in USA.

OMG characteristics:

  • Ply-bent

Eco modernism is about how we use materials and technologies to tell a story about sustainability.  The reality is that there are materials and technologies that are far more sustainable than what we accept as “green design” today. In fact, these materials and technologies are so green that in short order a person can learn which products  Obviously Manifest Green.  Identifying products that are OMG is no more difficult then perceiving the difference between a silver or stainless steel fork.  Eco Modernism is also about realizing the beauty and expressive qualities inherent in OMG. It is about creating OMG designs which can impact our choices.  They can evoke formality, fun, romance, hierarchy, calm, or whatever is intended by the designer. In a material sense, OMGs are what Malcom Gladwell would call outliers.  They transcend the status quo. They challenge the tyranny of tradition.  They embody the balance with nature we seek. They are the future