Michael Murray

Architype presentsShow Me The Numbers: Getting To Net Zero
By: Michael Murray| Past Issue – Sustainability| Net zero energy buildings – buildings designed to generate as much energy as is consumed over the course of a year –......
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CEO, Lucid Design Group


Michael is one of Lucid’s co-founders and has led the company since its inception in 2004, creating important alliances with universities, strategic partners and technical solution partners, and has managed the company’s sales and installations nationwide. A LEED® Accredited Professional, he has years of experience working with metering and building automation systems. Prior to joining Lucid, Michael specialized in Ecological Footprint applications for governments, non-profits and corporations with Global Footprint Network. His work included environmental assessments of electric utilities; commercial real-estate corporations; the Australian, British and Canadian governments; and numerous international non-governmental organizations. He has led original research evaluating payback of photovoltaics at the Lewis Center for Environmental Studies in Oberlin, Ohio. Michael holds a BA with highest honors in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College.

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