Car Parks

Parking Design By Lawrence Scarpa Without parking structures cars would sprawl across the landscapes of our cities worldwide. For more than 100 years, such “garages” have provided an engineered solution to the problem of long-term parking, freeing on-street spaces for short-term users. The first garages appeared much like any other conventionally enclosed building because early [&hellip

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Architectural Graphics

In this special issue, Architype Review has partnered with SEGD, the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, to feature projects that explore the intersection and balance of information and way finding graphics within their architectural context

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Green, Eco-conscious, Environmental, Sustainable…there are as many names and practices as there are definitions for the creation of environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings. This collection of projects explores integrated approaches to design and innovative building practices that improves our quality of life through environmentally friendly architecture

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Landscape Architecture

SPECIAL ISSUE: Architype Review complements the study of specific building types by presenting current examples of innovative approaches in Landscape Architecture. These unique global landscape projects explore the strong relationship of the surrounding context and the built environment, investigating approaches at varying scales and urban / rural relationships

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Train Stations

Train, metro, and transportation stations are being re-invented by architects, after over a half century of decline. The latest generation of innovative designs for this building type respond to the comfort and efficiency of rail travel and explore the station and its surrounding buildings as an important part of the city’s urban fabric

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Art Museums

Presenting a current collection of remarkable spaces to exhibit art and an overview of the current proliferation of museum design. This issue explores unique connections and differences of how some of the foremost architects are pushing the limits of art museum design

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The first issue of ArchitypeReview, ever – in a brand new format

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