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As publisher and co-founder for Architype Media, Martin Schwartz, together with the design and production team has developed the vision and framework for Architype Media...
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Congratulations and thank you for visiting Architype Media!

As publisher and co-founder of Architype Media, I am excited to welcome you to a new family of architecture and design resources. The team at Architype Media has recently developed an exciting platform full of powerful tools and resources aimed specifically to support creative professionals. If you’re reading this article, we believe you’re already part of a dynamic community of industry leaders committed to learning, growing and expanding your knowledge of the changes and advancements currently happening in our industry.

Architecture is part of a creative ecology that endeavors to understand the complexity of our interdependent environment. Architects and designers are constantly pushing this dynamic ecology and looking for new ways to grow and meet the expanding demands of its stakeholders, society and the environment. When done well, these synergistic elements compliment and reinforce each other to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. As our complex architectural ecology evolves, there is undeniably a greater need for innovative resources and tools that provide information that is not only timely, but organized and relevant to the ways we learn, study, and practice design.

As a trained architect and partner with RSM Design, I have worked with hundreds of architects, developers and creative professionals around the world. I have found that there is a growing need for a platform that can harness the interactive potential and power of the internet to gather information and inspire great design. By utilizing these latest technologies and tools we can facilitate our knowledge and expand our awareness of the power of architecture, design and the creative process.

Architype Review published its first issue of its online webzine in 2006. The initial goal was focused on promoting an open dialogue about architecture typologies as it related to advancements in the industry. Since then, we’ve grown to publish sixteen issues, each of which features innovative architects, cutting edge trends, and noteworthy architectural advancements.

In 2010, the editorial team became aware of a need in the industry for expanded content and resources for architects and designers and decided to redesign and re-engineer Architype Review under a broader umbrella of Architype Media. Within this development, the team at Architype Media has developed a family of three complimentary interactive websites: Architype Source, Architype Review, and Architype Connect. Each site provides a complimentary toolset for professionals looking to broaden their awareness and exposure to leading advancements in the industry.

The team at Architype Media feels that we have developed a creative resource and publication at the forefront of the design industry. We developed a platform that asked you, the professional, to be a part of the interactive dialogue and creative exchange. Each site is a resource tool and a platform to submit your project, firm profiles, and nominations of other projects. By simply using the Submit tab on each site, you can submit your work to be published and viewed by an international community of architects, designers, planners, and industry leaders.
Architype Source – An online resource and database for architecture and design
By submitting your architecture projects, or by nominating projects completed by other architects and designers, you can contribute in buildinging one of the largest online architecture databases in the world. This resulting database, housed in Architype Source, is a means to filter and search for projects by typology, location, firm or keyword. The site also hosts a wealth of tools and resources for architects, designers and creative professionals, including an innovative materials data base, interviews, and firm or company profiles. You can search by project type, architect, consultant or specific key words to help you find what you are looking for.

Architype Review – An architectural publication and on-line webzine
Each issue of Architype Review focuses on a specific building type and strives to publish the most innovative and advanced projects from around the world within that particular type. For each issue, the editorial team extends a global call for submittals and selects projects that spotlight the world’s most influential architects and designers. In addition to featured materials, books, iconic projects, and resources that relate to each type, Architype Review also publishes micro-interviews with the architects as a way to uncover the process and philosophy behind their innovative design solutions. We invite you to look at the Editorial Calendar to see upcoming building types that will be highlighted in future issues. We encourage you to submit or nominate projects you feel should be featured in the upcoming publications.

Architype Connect – Bringing the Architecture and Design Community Together
An online newspaper that features selected news and editorial content for the architecture and design industry. Content is updated hourly and focuses on design trends, sustainability and a host of other relevant industry topics. Similar to the sister sites, Architype Connect has an open submittal policy for articles and editorials. If selected, the article or editorial will be available for publication by other news sources around the world and promoted by the growing media distribution channels. In addition to the latest news and information on design, Architype Connect also features design competitions and career job postings.
The work at Architype Media is just beginning. We are committed to continually provide new information, content, tools, and resources that are applicable to the architecture and design industry. We want to assist you in learning, growing, and expanding your awareness of innovation and advancement in architecture, materials, and industry leaders.

I am interested in hearing what you think about Architype Media and how you feel we can find better ways to anticipate the needs of our dynamic industry. Please feel free to email me at [email protected].

I look forward to hearing from you.

Martin E. Schwartz

Architype Media

“Information and inspiration are the fuel of innovation”

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