Hotel Arrebol Patagonia

Architype Dialogue presents

Harald Opitz Jurgens

What was the most difficult issue about working within this building type or the most unexpected challenge that may have influenced new thought in your project?

When start the design of the project, the most important challenge was use, recycled wood, and think in new ways to applications for create a skin and generate a closer relation between the building and the forest.

Did this project expand or evolve your role as an architect in any way? In general, do you feel that the role of the architect is changing on current projects?

Yes, this project, show me many issues of this region of Chile that are very important like the different wood, textures, and how the materials change with the nature and create a near relationship with the architecture, and discover the new applications for building used recycle materials.

For architecture today and in the past the client is the most important, and of course the environment and the protection of the ecology now are essential, and the new technologies must be used for that.
How is your building possible today in a way that it may not have been before and how have trends in technology and society inspired new thought and solutions?

The technology now is different, and that help in the construction process and the design, that is true, but, I think the project recognizes centenary techniques and mixes with contemporary technologies , and used energy to the nature for operation.

The society now is more consent of the importance of the nature and the architecture has the responsibility to make project in that direction.
In the context of this project, how is your office and design process being influenced by current trends in academic curricula and incoming young architects? In turn, how are current projects and processes guiding the ongoing reformulation and development of academic curricula?

The value of the material in the architecture, was essential for the design process of this project, today many architect have special concern about this, and the discover of new applications is job for the future.

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