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Submission deadline extended to April 10th at 12:00am PST.



Architype has focused on advancing the discussion of innovative design within specific building types and exploring the influence that type has on the design process.  Looking through our wide lens – sifting hundreds of projects each week in order to find the very best work in architecture and design – our team has noticed an emerging trend in modern architecture, harken to the idyllic past: the small home.  The “small house movement” is a reaction to the sensory overload of the 21st century, and it has served as a forum for experimentation within conventions (or, occasionally, the complete rejection thereof).

Our editors will be focusing on an upcoming, innovative “Small Homes” issue, set to be published April 2014, and we will be honoring the prodigious architects and designers whose exceptional projects set themselves apart.  In addition to featuring their projects in all related press releases and as the showcased projects to Architype’s 40,000 subscribers, there will be a “Dialogue” page dedicated specifically to the selected architects.

We will also be adding a new feature to the upcoming Architype Review: anyone is free to submit any original editorial work, from “Design Thought” pieces to “How-To’s” to “Top Ten” lists, for potential publication with the issue.  Writers whose work is included in the issue will not only be featured as a Contributing Editor, with their names listed alongside the incredibly talented individuals who compose Architype’s current Editorial Team, but their articles will also be featured in all related press releases, and they will have the opportunity to link them directly to their own websites.


Selection will be based on several criteria focusing on advancement and innovation in the study of the particular building type and scored by the editorial board at Architype.  For now, here are a few preliminary guidelines:

1.  There is no limit to the number of entries, so architects are encouraged to start uploading now!

2.  Projects must fall within the “small house” category.

There is some leeway as to what this entails – there is no square footage maximum, for instance.  Loosely, this means that the focus should be on optimizing the amount of functional space given constraints.  The more functionality a house possesses, the more size is permissible.

4.  The deadline for entry will be April 1, 2014.


1. (If you do not already have an account) Go to and click “Sign Up” at the top left of the page, or follow the above link.

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2. Create your profile to which you will connect your projects, using a valid email address.

3. Once you’ve created your profile, return to the home page and click “+ Add Project,” or follow the above link.

It is recommended to include up to 18 photos with each project, and we encourage you to connect everyone who worked on your project.

4. Fill in all the required fields for your project, noting under “Typology” that it is a Home.

All projects marked “Home” will automatically be reviewed for inclusion in the Small Homes Issue.

Projects that are not featured in Architype Review will still be hosted on the site’s “Projects” page and connected to the architects’ unique profiles, which may also serve as online portfolios.  In addition, we are providing every user the opportunity to submit articles to the Architype editorial team for potential publication.


Address article inquiries to our editor, Jake Warner, at [email protected]

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