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For over 25 years, innovation has been the hallmark of UltraGlas. As a leader in the architectural design community, we’ve been able to continually rethink, refresh, and rediscover new ways to enhance our products to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

Founded by Jane Skeeter in 1987, UltraGlas pioneered, developed and introduced the unique heat slumping (embossing) process known as UltraGlas® to the U.S. architectural and design communities. We’ve continued to evolve this technology into the most elegant means of incorporating dimensionally functional glass textures, designs, patterns, imagery, palettes and finishes for all architectural applications.

The stunning effects of this evolution can be found in distinctive hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, theme parks, spas, institutions, restaurants, museums, health-care facilities, retail establishments, corporate offices and up-scale residences around the world.

We recently patented UltraGlas-E, a new environment-wise product made from salvaged glass diverted from landfill, and our most exciting new advancement is the ability to provide BIPV — Building Integrated Photo Voltaic — glass panels that clad a building, including the vision and spandrel panels, and create energy from the sun to power the building. An alternative energy source in Europe for several years, we’re now pioneering this innovation in the US.


Comprised of a unique blend of professional artisans, our environment encourages people to take risks, make decisions and leverage client opportunities. The results are evident everywhere you look: in our client relationships, the work we produce, and our own record of growth.

Our commitment to relationship-driven customer service and personal attention is unparalleled, earning us much acclaim. At UltraGlas, every discipline works together seamlessly to quickly solve client issues, provide cutting edge solutions, and create synergy in its true form.

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