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The Mohawk GroupThe Mohawk Group is a company of four commercial carpet brands, working together to offer an unmatched spectrum of products, services and solutions. No matter the size of your floorcovering challenge, we want to be your first choice. We’re the commercial division of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and have installed literally hundreds of millions of yards of commercial flooring. We operate in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. And we offer a National Accounts Program second to none.

Mohawk makes it more.
We always start by assuming that your space is unique; that you know the impact you want to have on clients, patients, customers, students, guests or employees and we can help you achieve it; and that we have the resources and experience to meet your deadline and your bottom line, plus unlimited options to exceed your expectations. Floorcovering can be a powerful design tool. And we can be a powerful partner.

Financial strength makes it possible.
As part of Mohawk Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, we have the power to leverage huge economies of scale, and the resources to stay at the forefront of our industry. We have the financial capability to invest in breakthrough engineering like Encycle, our new non-PVC modular backing.

We make it easy.
Our dedicated team of customer service professionals make sure we keep our promises and our national network delivers what you need, when you need it. We have the resources to ensure that your service, logistics and freight solutions are second to none.

Experience makes us smarter.
Need to knock the socks off your patrons and employees? We have the designs to keep them coming back. Refurbishing your facility? We’ll show you new and creative ways to define your space. From multi-generational classroom buildings to shopping malls and opera houses, we’ve been there, solved that, and want to help you do the same.

Our National Accounts Program makes even the most massive jobs possible, with a Mohawk team of specialists in your market who understand your business, and a network of Preferred Dealer Partners ready to do whatever it takes — from special warehousing to global delivery, installation and recycling coordination. When it comes to service, aren’t you ready for higher standards?

Sustainability makes good sense.
In every direction. The single most Earth-friendly thing we do is engineer carpets with longer lifecycles. Well beyond that, we’ve examined and reworked every step in our procurement, manufacturing, distribution and recycling systems. At The Mohawk Group, our goal is to provide you with the best performing, easiest-to-maintain carpet in our industry — while continuing our responsible environmental stewardship.

You have made us Mohawk.
For over 150 years, answering your needs has fueled our R&D and kept us way out in front. From the need for carpet with permanent stain resistance that can be cleaned with water, to an adhesive system that’s quicker, safer and more economical, to a PVC-free carpet tile that’s fully recyclable in one process, and online custom capabilities that are both sustainable and quick, we’re the company that listens and responds. If you’re prepared for more and better choices, and people who think the extra mile is always part of the plan, we’re ready to put you first.

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tel: +1 212 471 3688
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