TandusTandus Flooring’s innovative product line of Powerbond®, modular, broadloom and woven solutions work in tandem to enhance spaces for learning, healing, and living. Through inspired design, leading-edge technology, unprecedented achievement toward sustainability, and an absolute commitment to continued leadership, Tandus Flooring offers its customers single-source innovative product design and technology, comprehensive services, and environmental leadership.

At Tandus Flooring, our goal is nothing less than unwavering, environmental accountability. As we focus on where we are going and what we are creating, we are equally focused on reducing our environmental footprint.

At Tandus Flooring, our culture is about making a difference, and our environmental commitment is to LEAVE NO TRACE, becoming givers to, rather than takers from, the Earth.

For more than 40 years, Tandus Flooring has been examining all the ways to be a better corporate citizen and environmental steward — and then taking actions that lead to demonstrable, meaningful, quantifiable results. Whether it’s as a company as a whole or one of our dedicated employees, we do our best to make a difference in our community, in our world.

Now more than ever, “green” and “sustainability” are the buzz words that companies like to talk about.  For Tandus Flooring, these terms are not new, and we do more than just talk.  We have been working for over 20 years to create products that leave no trace on our environment.  From our commitment to recycling, to the strides we’ve made in sustainable designs like ethos™, Tandus Flooring leads the industry in its sustainability efforts.  Not only are we reducing the impact of our industry on the environment, we’re helping change the way people think about our resources and our world.

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