Spinneybeck is the world’s leading and largest supplier of quality upholstery leather with a standing inventory of 2,000,000 square feet in our global headquarters facility located in Getzville, New York.

Spinneybeck introduced quality Italian leathers to North America more than four decades ago, being the first to bring full grain, aniline dyed Italian leather to the North American design community.

Spinneybeck’s exacting standards, quality products, and prompt service have become industry hallmarks. No company in the furnishings field has a greater commitment to its industry, the clients who specify its products, or customer satisfaction than Spinneybeck.

Spinneybeck began as a small Canadian company founded by Charlie Manchee in 1962, which was headquartered in a small rural schoolhouse adjacent to Mr. Manchee’s farm outside Stouffville, Ontario. Two decades later, Spinneybeck incorporated, opened a facility in the U.S. which was headquartered in a converted stable in Niagara Falls, New York.

From those humble beginnings, our clientele throughout North America and around the globe have propelled Spinneybeck into the lead as the world’s premier supplier of quality upholstery leather. Spinneybeck’s tannery affiliation and partnership with the Gobbetti family, specializes only in upholstery leather production, providing Spinneybeck with the finest full grain leathers available. The recipes for these leathers are under exclusive license and can only be admired by the competition.

Once upon a time, the first Spinneybeck representatives traveled across North America carrying heavy, weathered duffel bags concealing a rare and precious cargo. Only two gentlemen constituted the entire Spinneybeck sales force, but the impression their product made on the design professionals they visited far outweighed their numbers and the simplicity of their presentations.

Each time the representatives opened their scuffed, well-traveled bags to reveal their contents, they redefined the standard for quality upholstery leather for the design professionals who witnessed the products being displayed, as they were the finest leathers ever seen in the New World.

Decades later, Spinneybeck continues to be known as the firm which supplies premium aniline dyed upholstery leather to North America. No others offer leathers equal to Spinneybeck leathers. No other supplier offers the quantity of fine qualities offered by Spinneybeck.

The public has always been intrigued by our unique name which symbolizes nature’s contribution to the craft of leathermaking. “Spinney,” the Old English word for woods, represents tannin, the ancient ingredient derived from wood bark, still used in leathermaking. “Beck,” the Viking word for brook, or stream, is the water component of leathermaking. Beck was given to the English language by the Vikings who overran the British Isles centuries ago.

Spinneybeck represents the ingredients for ancient leathermaking and is the symbol for the world’s finest leathers as we move through the 21st century.

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