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SNA LLC is a turn-key provider of lighting solutions and digital displays throughout North America. For close to 20 years SNA has managed, fabricated, implemented and installed some of the nation’s largest spectacular signs while offering clients a single source for both indoor and outdoor lighting, text, graphic, and video products.

SNA’s goal is to provide an alternative solution to the marketplace in lighting and digital products by offering total project satisfaction, ethical business practices and superior product solutions while maintaining consistent and fair pricing.

SNA’s past projects have provided a wealth of knowledge in developing custom technological applications that would take competitors years to acquire. Our company relies on more than 200 engineers dedicated to developing a steady stream of new and improved products. SNA utilizes one million square feet of space for manufacturing, administrative and customer service to support all our electronic display needs.

LED Lighting – S|Lighting

The S|Lighting product line – ideal for billboards, parking lots, highways, streets, and tunnels – utilizes a unique design for thermal management. Each LED has a puck system which opens the product, allowing for much better heat transfer through convection instead of relying on large and bulky heat sink fins. This feature, coupled with high-grade diodes, allows S|Lighting products to have an efficacy of over 90 lumens/Watt.

S|Lighting products are available in a wide variety of IES Type distributions. With almost 20 years of experience in offering LED products in outdoor environments, SNA has developed designs and manufactured products for extreme conditions. Each S|Lighting product has an environmental rating of IP65.

SNA lighting provides a variety of product designs for applications ranging from area lighting, roadway, wall packs, low-bay, high-bay, canopy, screw-in mogul base retrofits, and parking garage lighting.

LED Displays – S|Video

SNA’s S|Video display systems deliver crisp, high-contrast video to showcase products or messages for any application.

S|Video displays provide the ability to change content quickly and dramatically. This product line includes full-color video screens in a variety of resolutions, sizes, and viewing angles. From 2.35 mm to 48 mm, SNA offers a wide variety of pitch and resolution options. The SNA panel design offers significant flexibility in size, curves, and custom corners.

S|Video displays deliver messages with a high degree of clarity, acuity, and impact. With a wide range of input options and fully customizable controls, the user can create a unique mix of programming.
SNA’s S|Video displays deliver industry-leading contrast ratio and brightness, allowing the content to stand out regardless of surrounding light conditions.

Transparent Media – S|ThruMedia

SNA’s S|ThruMedia products offer the advantages of a bright and dynamic LED video display but with the subtle transparency of a thin profile display. S|ThruMedia employs discrete LED technology, and the product line’s ultra-bright LEDs offer high-quality video, day and night. S|ThruMedia products can be installed vertically or horizontally, and SNA currently offers the stick in pitch options from 10 mm up to 48 mm. S|ThruMedia reduces the overall weight and energy consumption of the current LED system and operates with remote power supplies and intelligence in field controllers for ease of service. For example, S|ThruMedia can be 1/3 of the power of a standard video display, 1/4 of the depth, and 1/5 the weight.

Custom Engineering

No matter what the application, SNA’s extensive engineering group can help customize display products to best suit any client’s needs. SNA can help eliminate an obtrusive standard LED display designs and help customize the product to integrate into the building’s architectural façade. Each customer project is unique and SNA’s engineering staff combined with the broad product portfolio of LED lighting and displays cannot be matched anywhere across the industry and provides relative insight to each project.

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tel: +1 800 521 4815
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New York55 Chatsworth Way
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