Our Philosophy
The right ideas for a better world.

We don’t believe people were meant to live in concrete jungles. We don’t think cement grey is flattering. We don’t believe cities have to be dirty. Or stinky. Or crowded. We know cities deserve more. Fresher air. Cleaner water. Happier people. It’s what drives us to advocate, research, design and provide the best green roofs scientifically possible. To enhance the world we live in everyday – for the long term.

RoofmeadowDriven by passion. Based in science.
But it’s more than a simple philosophy. Led by Charlie Miller, P.E., our founder and green roof pioneer, we pour ourselves into our work. We define the green roof as all the materials above the waterproofing system and insulation. And every piece, part and plant undergoes the closest scrutiny. Every idea is questioned, researched and resolved. Every design tailors proven assemblies and techniques to your unique needs. And every system is backed for the long haul by the strength of both our conviction and a warranty unlike any other.

More than a pretty space.
Looks are important but function is critical. Fortunately, the pleasing look of a natural meadow or a carpet of blooms is also a really efficient blue-green solution. Doing what green roofs do best – conserving resources, managing stormwater and cleaning and cooling the air. Call it a happy coincidence for your eyes, your conscience and your city.

Our Network
The Roofmeadow Network: The Green Roof Credential Based on Experience and Performance

We proudly maintain a nationwide Network of the best, most experienced and motivated green roof installers in the country. Roofmeadow Network contractors pay a modest annual license fee in exchange for Roofmeadow’s lead development, marketing, bid support, training, warranty program, maintenance management, and project promotion. Off the roofs, Roofmeadow provides cutting edge information and training on green roof technology and industry trends through regular webinars and a bi-annual meeting.

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