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Reliance Foundry is North America’s premier supplier of bollards, commercial bike racks, steel wheels and custom cast metal solutions. With over 85 years of casting experience, Reliance Foundry designs top-quality cast metal products and searches the globe to bring the most innovative and economical solutions to market.

Reliance Foundry’s standard catalogue features over 90 bollard designs and many models of commercial bike rack and industrial wheel solutions. Its staff of foundry experts are also available for cast metal design assistance and to facilitate the production of large-scale casting projects. Throughout its history, a commitment to innovation and to providing the highest level of customer service has been the driving force behind Reliance Foundry’s success.

Reliance Foundry is one of Canada’s oldest, surviving metal casting suppliers. It was first incorporated in 1925 and was, at one time, Vancouver’s largest steel casting foundry. Once a regional manufacturer, Reliance Foundry has evolved to become an industry-leading supplier of foundry and architectural products. With a catalogue that continues to grow, Reliance Foundry remains committed to delivering l products that meet the evolving needs of contemporary businesses and communities.

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