Founded in 2004, Lucid Design Group, Inc. (Lucid¨) is a privately held clean tech software company and a pioneer in providing real-time information feedback to teach, inspire behavior change and save energy and water resources in buildings. Lucid’s team makes resource use visible, accessible and engaging so that building occupants have the data visualization and communication tools to manage and reduce their consumption.

Today, thousands of people live and work in schools, companies and homes enhanced by Lucid’s award-winning technology. Building Dashboard® Network¨ — a fourth-generation product and the first social network for buildings — allows people to view, compare and share building energy and water use information on the web. Building Dashboard® Kiosk¨ enables occupants and visitors to view resource use information on touchscreen displays

We spend 90% of our lives in buildings, yet we generally have little idea how much energy and water we consume at work, school and in our homes. The built environment accounts for two-thirds of the electricity use and 12% of fresh water use in the United States, and represents 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions. While an effort is being made to upgrade building infrastructure to increase efficiency, there is another critical component of conservation which is often overlooked – occupant behavior. Behavior change is increasingly being recognized as an integral part of conservation, one that offers valuable educational opportunities in addition to the environmental and economic benefits.

Lucid seeks to enable resource conservation and environmental education through the use of intuitive, web-based display systems in the built environment. Building Dashboard® is designed to bridge that disconnect between personal energy and water consumption and the actions and events that take place within buildings.

Occupants, residents and visitors use Building Dashboard® to understand the financial and environmental impacts of their resource use. Users are motivated and empowered to reduce consumption, and can tangibly quantify the effects of their conservation efforts. Building Dashboard® is enhanced by a growing community, one in which users can compare usage, share tips and strategies, and compete to improve the performance of their buildings and homes.

Lucid continues to develop new and exciting ways of educating, motivating and empowering employees and residents to conserve resources and save money. So far, our team has demonstrated that real-time feedback can reduce consumption by between 10% and 56%.

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