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Kirei USAPronounced “Key’-ray,” Kirei is the Japanese character signifying “beautiful.”or “clean” We have chosen Kirei as the name for our company to reflect our dedication to the principles of elegant, sustainable design.

Since 2003 Kirei has been dedicated to bringing beautiful, natural materials to market, enabling architects and interior designers to create elegant interior spaces while using sustainable, nontoxic materials. Our goal is continual introduction of new materials while improving our production and business practices to be as low-impact and sustainable as possible. We regard the “Triple Bottom Line” of “People, Planet, Profit” to be the guiding principle of our company. We aim to bring new economic activity to our source regions by providing new jobs at fair market wages in a safe, healthy workplace while lessening human impact on the environment. These principles, we believe, will result in a profitable company that “Does well by doing good.” We practice continuous improvement of our business practices to lower our carbon footprint and waste generated, while valuing team input from all of our members.   KIREI IS beautiful living though great design…sustainably. We bring you the newest natural elements to create healthy, sustainable spaces for living, working and play.

Kirei design materials – Kirei Board, Kirei Bamboo, Kirei Wheatboard and Kirei Coco Tiles are manufactured from renewable or reclaimed agricultural byproducts and low-or no-added-formaldehyde adhesives. Kirei design elements are ideal for use in architectural, millwork and finished product applications in commercial, residential and hospitality settings.

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California412 N. Cedros Ave.
Solana Beach, CA 92075
tel: +1 619 236 9924
fax: +1 240 220 5946
[email protected]

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