Hydrel-bannerHydrel in-grade products satisfy a widerange of lighting needs, with interchangeable, optically active lenses and accessories such as louvers, glare shields and filters to allow exacting control of light and color. Our floodlights assure efficient light distribution, with a variety of color filters available to achieve dramatic effects on exterior architecture and landscaping.

Our accent lighting families meet a diversity of outdoor applications. Our landscape, area, underwater, and wet/dry zone lighting products continue to exceed industry standards for performance and durability. And with the recent introduction of G2 building-mounted lighting, Hydrel blends unique visual appeal with its renowned nighttime performance.

In the early 1960s Hydrel set out to make the most reliable underwater lighting the world has ever seen. This was no small task, but we accomplished it. Since then, as we’ve moved up onto land, we’ve continued to build all Hydrel outdoor lighting products the same way: Rugged. Impenetrable. Uncommonly reliable.

Our passion for illuminating architecture and surroundings goes back to the early days as well. Over the years, we’ve led the industry in developing advanced optical packages, giving the designers an array of tools to place light and color for dramatic effect.

Hydrel provides a blend of design and performance that is unique in outdoor lighting.

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