Hycrete’s products are based on a proprietary and patented waterproofing and anti-corrosion technology. This technology is rooted in the early 1950’s, when Michael S. Rhodes and Dr. Bing Humphrey worked to develop a class of motor oil rust inhibitors still in use today. Michael Rhodes’ other inventions include work on the first solid rocket fuel used on the Titan-3C rocket boosters, plus syntactic foam and intumescent materials used on the heat shields of the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft.

Hycrete’s next generation technology was the result of collaborative work between Philip Rhodes and Dr. Eugene Humphrey and Dr. James Humphrey. The goal was to find a water-soluble monomer solution that would polymerize within concrete and become insoluble. By way of this polymerization and the rust-inhibiting mechanisms, Hycrete greatly reduces rebar rust, lowers the water absorption of concrete, self-heals cracks and slows sulfate attack.

Hycrete’s patented technology more than doubles the structural and cosmetic life of concrete. Hycrete has been used as a membrane replacement and in applications such as sea walls and parking garages. It is also an environmentally friendly product.

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