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glass-mainGlassFilm Enterprises, Inc. (GFE) is a sales, distribution and installation company representing a variety film-to-glass applications that enhance the appearance and functionality of glass. The most exciting product is LUMISTY, which makes glass change from transparent to translucent depending on your angle of view. An offshoot of this is LUMISTY DYNAMIC GRAPHICS, which includes logos and custom designs. In addition, GFE offers DECOLITE, a series of frosted decorative films that simulate etched or sandblasted glass, with or without patterns. Recently, GFE introduced DICHRO-MIST, a dichroic film that allows glass to change colors when viewed from different angles, GFE COLORS, a series of more than 50 transparent colored films, and custom designed films created from a digital file supplied by the client. All glass films can be purchased in rolls or professionally installed.


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