GLASS RECYCLED®GLASS RECYCLED® is a privately owned company founded in 2002 and based in Plano, Texas, that converts post-consumer and industrial glass bound for landfill into elegant sustainable and ecological hard surfaces and landscaping materials.  GLASS RECYCLED® products, including GlassPLANK®  and GlassSLAB®, bring sensational looking socially conscious design to floors and counters.
GlassPLANK® for flooring and GlassSLAB® for countertops and tabletops are composed of 100% recycled glass and porcelain chips and a customizable or clear VOC-free epoxy binder. Sources for the multi-colored glass chips include discarded bottles, mirrors, plate windows, decommissioned traffic lights, and auto windshields and dinnerware, mixed with epoxy resin to achieve an aesthetically pleasing surface harder than traditional marble terrazzo. These affordable and unique eco-friendly planks and slabs are hand-made in Texas and can be shipped to all fifty states and internationally.

The overall color of the planks and slabs is determined by the color of the epoxy and the color of the aggregate chips mixed together. The seamless solid surfaces of GlassPLANK® and GlassSLAB® are inert with no residual out-gassing so occupants can move in immediately after application without any indoor air quality issues.

The terrazzo mix for the planks and slabs is formulated at about 80% glass and 20% epoxy by volume. The recycled glass chip and/or porcelain aggregates are available in many colors, including amber, ruby red, plate, aqua, green, bright blue, brown, charcoal and glow-in-the dark aqua and green, as well as various mixtures of two or more colors. Depending upon the aggregate, chip sizes range between 1/8″ and ¼” and you can mix different sizes of the same color together.

The epoxy, which provides the foundation color for the planks or slabs, is available in 23 standard resin colors or can be custom colored or left clear, enabling the finished surface to evoke the appearance of vivid gems.

GlassPLANK® and GlassSLAB® do not stain, chip or burn and are resistant to chemical and bacterial growth. GlassPLANK® floors can be maintained with a dry mop and occasional buffing, saving water, electricity and people power. Maintenance of extremely high-use areas requires only neutral pH cleaners and water. Waxing is not required, reducing waste and use of harsh chemicals. GlassSLAB® countertops require only neutral cleansers and water. A granite polish may be applied periodically if desired.

GlassPLANK® floors and GlassSLAB® countertops can contribute to several project points in the LEED categories of Recycled Content (MR Credit 4.1 or 4.2), Regional Materials (MR credit 5.1 and 5.1), Construction Waste Management (MR Credit 2.1 or 2.2), Low Emitting Materials (EQ Credit 4.1), and Innovation in Design (1 point).

GLASS RECYCLED® also offers GlassSCAPE®, made entirely of 100% crushed glass and/or porcelain, for walkways, gardens, fountain surrounds, and landscaping applications, and GlassSAND®, which is finer yet and looks wonderful in fish ponds, golf sand-traps, and small beaches.

•    Texas Environmental Excellence Award from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
•    National Recycling Coalition – Outstanding Market Development Award
•    Recycling Alliance of Texas – Closing the Loop award
•    Builder News – Best 20 Products (2006)
•    Buildings Magazine – Editor’s Choice Top Pick (2004)

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