feekSince 2003 is FEEK “the architect toolbox” as a pioneer in design furniture using surprising new materials. It all started with tailor-made coated foam products which after 5 years resulted in a completely new approach in the furniture-, interior- and building sector. FEEK offers a whole range of services of new to explore award winning designs, materials, products and processes.Since 2003 FEEK has been the pioneer and manufacturer of coated foam in all its applications.

The Original FEEK coated foam is known as “Rock Face” and makes use of the latest developments in the field of coating and 3D foam and surface techniques. “Rock Face” is a range of polyurethane-based lacquer systems, which can be used in a flexible, functional and futuristic manner. Our coated foam has been extensively tested for wear and fire safety. A material that will take on any shape, which can be supplied tailor-made regardless of the project and which is easy to maintain. Like a chameleon, it adapts to any architecture, whether for interior, shop or hotel designs, acoustic panels or visual projects.
Customization is the key word!

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FEEK Headquarters BelgiumOude Leeuwenrui 23 2000
Antwerpen, Belgium
tel: +32 3 475 1765
[email protected]
FEEK Headquarters The NetherlandsHerengracht 119 WNSP
1398 XB Muiden
tel: +31 294 264597
[email protected]

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