Fap Ceramiche

The story of Fap began in the mid-Sixties, when Fabbrica Artistica Piastrelle in Sassuolo started producing beautiful, quality floor and wall tiles. In 1997, after thirty years of success on markets all over the world, the company joined Gruppo Concorde, one of the major players in the international ceramics sector.

In 1999, the Fap brand underwent a relaunch, establishing a clear, distinctive positioning vis-à-vis the demands of the market that led to the identification of bathroom wall tiles as the company’s core business. The manufacturing and technological strategy adopted led to the creation of an ultra-modern facility for the production of glazed white-body wall coverings and porcelain stoneware floors. A decision was taken to conduct the entire production process in-house, from planning and design to the preparation of raw materials, firing and in-line squaring.

Fap ceramiche quickly acquired an authoritative reputation for:

  • innovation and quality;
  • the ability to produce distinctive items;
  • the ability to convey our positioning and distinctive features clearly and convincingly;
  • the successful inroads made into both the Italian and international market.

Today Fap ceramiche has successfully gained an impressive foothold in the bathroom wall covering and residential flooring segment. New chapters in the Fap story are being written all the time on the walls and floors of numerous homes all over the world: a beautiful, hi-tech ceramic tale of dreams come true. In our designs, we are continually trying to touch base with living styles in order to keep all kinds of different characters happy.

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