Environmental Technology Limited, which commenced trading over 35 years ago, has specialised in the design development, manufacture, and installation of a wide range of innovative internal and external, and often award winning, architectural building products.
Starting from a design concept, the company has produced an impressive range of products, generally fabricated from stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, copper, glass, and polycarbonate and has extensive in-house cad/cam, fabrication, and metal finishing facilities, providing its design team with a comprehensive range of options when developing the solution to a design brief.

The Entech design and manufacturing expertise includes Structural, Acoustic, and Mechanical Services disciplines and covers products as diverse as suspended lighting and services booms, external walkways and sun louvres, rainscreen and feature cladding, geometric integrated ceilings, internal casings and cladding, light reflectors, diffusers and lighting systems, aluminium and stainless steel seating units, stainless steel flooring, together with the design of supporting structures necessary for integration into the total building system. Manufacturing facilities include a wide range of structural steelwork, sheetmetalwork, and fabrication equipment, together with in-house pre-treatment and finishing in Polyester Powdercoat (PPc), PVF2, and other resin derivatives.

The Entech ethos is strongly directed towards partnering-style relations with all members of a project team and, where the company has been in the capacity of Principal Contractor, has actively encouraged and developed co-operative and non-confrontational working practices to the overall benefit of the contract in terms of safety, quality, and delivery on-time and within budget.

Due to the wide range of products, and product applications, in which the company is involved, it is not possible to produce standard literature to cover the scope and diversity of the work. However, reference to typical projects, that have been successfully completed and which are included in this profile, clearly indicates the size, value, range, and complexity of contracts that can be undertaken.

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