ERCOERCO specialises in producing engineering hardware and software for architectural lighting. First and foremost, we see ourselves as selling light, not luminaires. This approach, which places the immaterial “software” of light above the physical hardware of the luminaires, has been the trademark of our work for many years. That’s why we call ourselves: ERCO, the Light Factory.

Making good architecture even better through the right lighting is what we see as our cultural contribution and the raison d’├¬tre of our activities. Today, ERCO illuminates museums, universities, shop windows, churches, airports, monuments, hotels, chain stores, trade fair stands, administrative buildings, parks, private houses and much more besides. Irrespective of whether the architectural concept emphasises functionality or presentation: our goal is, and has always been, to find a solution that does justice to the specific use and architectural features of each project.

Whether lighting a museum, a boutique or a park, there is always a “language of light”. This concept evolving over several decades is now a means for analysing and structuring lighting projects. The three basic categories of this “language” – ambient lighting, accent lighting and scenic lighting – go back to the American Richard Kelly, a pioneer of lighting design. Experience shows that lighting concepts are considered to be pleasing and successful when all three components – ambient lighting, accent lighting and scenic lighting – are present in a well-balanced relationship.

“tune the light” – this slogan describes our ongoing quest for optimum solutions for architectural lighting: when creating, directing and controlling light, for efficient visual comfort and scenographic design dimensions. Innovation is the key to realising this optimum at an ever-higher level. ERCO sees its task as a light factory as being to transform technology into culture. This approach results in lighting tools for the user that satisfy all the technical and economical requirements of lighting practice, while at the same time opening up the whole fascination and magic of that “immaterial material” known as light.




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